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Home » 60's, 70's, 80's landmarks » MAGMA: K.A.

New studio recording of a three part composition thematically related to Kohntarkosz and the earlier major cycle that was part of. This is a return to that kind of intensity and sophistication of composition in the form of a curiously condensed Magma overview touching on most of the themes developed at greater length elsewhere. Written for chorus, two electric keyboards, guitar (discretely deployed), bass, drums and small percussion, K.A. maximises all its resources. It's solid but transparent enough to hear the articulation of all the parts. The recording is straightforward. You hear the instruments as they are without too much reverb and processing. Christian's playing is exemplary and there are long passages which are as good as it gets. Small percussions (tambourine, bells, blocks &c) are strongly used especially some bravura tambourine - and there is a mass of detail strategically placed. It is mellower sonically than the seventies group, but not lacking: everyone is on top of the material which moves through fractured iteration and stasis which remains one of Vander's compositional trademarks. Elaborately packaged. Full text in Kobaiian, no translation. If you like Magma, this will not disappoint. L

Price: £14.50