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HET: Let's Het
HET: Let's Het
Another original Woof release from 1983, this was a project led by Dominic Weeks and Cass Davies from the legendary acappella group Furious Pig, with invitees Tim Hodgkinson and Catherine Jauniaux (absorbed into the mix). Marimbas, bells and all manner of tuned and untuned percussion, with voices (mostly in choral/chant style, sometimes treated) With distant echoes of Gamelan, Harry Partch, The Residents' 'Fingerprince' and a lot of Monkey Chant, these are broadly structured pieces that twist and turn and introduce material in A-B-C-D-E-F form over implied ostinati. Sounds like post facto composition: that is, structure that emerges from improvisation and is then built up in the studio. Rather like Cage basing a composition on marks and flaws on sheets of paper, except with selective intentionality - and a lot of attitude. And a BIG, big sound if sometimes a little monochromatic.This was an interesting and unique LP when it was released, and it still sounds strange and unusual now, in spite of everything that as happened in between.

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