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MAGMA: Emehntehtt-Re
A new composition, written apparently in the 70's and never recorded, although Magma fans will recognise the large chunks of it which have appeared over the years - alone or within other pieces, binding it thematically to the earlier records. Performance and recording are exemplary, as ever, perhaps a little smooth (especially the bass) - or it could be my high frequencies are attenuating. Overall, there is less individuality in the new band, which builds a tighter, more unified sound behind the voices; only the drums stand out with some expressive mobility. It comes in a fourfold digipack with a 20pp book containing mainly the Kobiian text (for singing along?) and with a 55 minute 'making of' DVD, which shows the instrumentalists (not the singers) doing overdubs and discussing interpretation with Christian, familiar to musicians but probably interesting to listeners; there is some of the tedium and some of the mechanics and some of the paradox of trying to make a living whole from dead fragments.

Code: magmaEmehntehtt
Price: £18.50