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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » WISHART, TREVOR: Machine

Another landmark release from paradigm. Assembled between 1969-1971 this visionary work uses multiple recorded power station, factory and machine sounds (as well as air raids, radio noise, the Apollo landing, a Saturn rocket launch, the sea, body-sounds, exotic musics, a Palestrina mass and voices) to construct a dense, grounded, complex, organic and powerful unfolding of the clash - or infatuation - between humanity and technology as it was manifested in the white heat of technology/nuclear terror/Frankenstein years of the late '60s ands '70s. Aesthetically informed by the dreams of futurism and early modernism, and by the revolutions of electronic and musique concrete, this makes the industrial musics of the mid '70s through the laptop era seem rather one-dimensional. Get there early L

Code: PD25
Price: £14.50