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YUMI HARA: Groove Study
YUMI HARA: Groove Study

Many years in the preparation, this new collection of nine of yumi’s compositions covers a lot of ground. Groove Study Gigamix, Orlynook and a Schoenberg fragment, U41, are fast, furious and fiendish: prog listeners will find something familiar here; the three pipe organ pieces, with Ruins drummer Tasuya Yoshida, are more dissonant and out there. Then there are two songs (settings of texts by Chris Cutler) that explore medieval modes in tricky metres and how reggae might work in 7/4. Then the album closes with a clavichord version of Lindsay Copper’s Slice. Yumi plays grand piano, the pipe organ of St. Laurence church in Catford, clavichord, harp, synthesiser, violin and percussion. On various tracks she’s joined by Toshiaki Sudoh (bass), Tatsuya Yoshida and Chris Cutler (drums) and Tim Hodgkinson (clarinet and bassclarinet). The CD comes in a slipcase with an interesting cover whose genesis and realisation is explained in the accompanying 40pp booklet. This also contains photographs and full notes on all the tracks.

Code: BAR10
Price: £14.00