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BADINGS, HENK: More Electronic Music by (dbl CD)
Another collection of prescient and historic works by the remarkable and pioneering Badings, not sketches but fully formed pieces which, though dating from the late 1950s, sound more engaging and imaginative than much that is produced today. CD one holds 3 pieces: Capriccio (1959), one of the first works for acoustic instrument (violin) and (2) tape(s), Genese,(1958) for 5 frequency oscillators, and Dialogues for man and machine ((also 1958, busy man) a 20 minute radio piece for electronics and (processed) voice that is pretty off the map. CD2 features the 45 minute soundtrack for a multimedia event The woman of Andros (1959) which mixes pitched and unpitched sounds, melodies and rhythms, abstract textures and moods, and sits somewhere between a music that might have been composed for monophonic instruments and purely electronic sounds. It's closer to a strange, abstract, kind of pop music than anything else; an epic curiosity. This is followed by act 3 of Martin Korda D.P (1960) an opera for many voices and, in this extract, electronics - otherwise it's very conventional. The last track is Toccata (1964) a fugue of bleeps and bloops. In a very nicely designed package with useful booklet.

Code: BASTA91-712-2
Price: £21.00