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Home » Library » TILBURY, JOHN - EDDIE PREVOST: Discrete Moments

There is improvising - then there is improvising. This is the kind that sounds totally concentrated, totally intentional, totally compositional; that holds from moment to moment and exhibits a preternatural sensitivity to the minutiae of sound, the time it fills and the demands of structure. There is nothing easy or obvious about any of this and few achieve it. Here is a model of what two human beings, with ears open to what the time proposes can create ex nihilo. Except, of course there is no Nihilo - there is the past, an openness to listening, a state of being, a phenomenology of time and waiting. This is music that demands, I think, immersive or headphone listening. Some sounds that defy analysis. I believe they all came - in real time - from the sources named (prepared and unprepared piano, organ, drums, stringed barrel, tam-tam and percussion) but the ear tells its own story, free from the eye, and the sound moves free from its sources. Exemplary. L

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