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Home » Stop Press: Unheard at time of writing » MONK, THELONIUS: Live at the 5-spot 1958

MONK, THELONIUS: Live at the 5-spot 1958
The incomparable Monk with a fine selection of his twisty compositions which form as good an introduction as you could want or - if you’re already a fan - captures the master early on his road, with Johnny Griffin, Ahmed Abdul-Malik and Roy Haynes, who all add their own edge to tunes Monk would constantly rework throughout his career. In every case it’s a great jazz album - in chamber mode - with a smallish, soberly appreciative audience following the twists, eccentricities and fast-thinking of the music: Monk’s genius and Griffin’s scarily liquid fingers to the fore. Nicely restored with a good sound; clear but retaining that live edge. With a notably fine iteration of ‘Evidence’. Just a few copies. 80min.

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