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Vetrophonia + F.T. Marinetti + F.B. Pratella: Formula of War
(art edition 300 copies) Vetrophonia is ZGA founder Nick Sudnik and Leningrad/St. Petersburg noise-electronics pioneer Alexander Lebedev-Frontov. This nicely packaged work takes war as its pivot – hinged to the futurist celebration thereof, and featuring a number of Pratella’s crashing futurist piano works (L’Appettazione, La Battiglia,& La Vittoria) and a 1924 documentary recording of Marinetti declaiming his scary Battle at Adrianopli, all set amongst Vetrophonia’s own very different and delineated Wars - of the Futurists, Microbes, Motors, Worlds, Paradoxes and Future (an orchestral stunner this last), with an interpolated meditation on the Formula of Heroism. Dense, thoughtful, intelligent, complex and edge-of-the-seat work ranging through sound montages, plunderphonics, electronic and concrète composition, performance and Noise-With-Content. This is a highly focused and consequent release, brilliantly conceived and executed, and comes in a 19.5 x 14.5 package with 5 printed cards, nicely designed. A solid gem. Limited to 300 numbered copies. Very highly recommended. L

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