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MUSICWORKS 86: (magazine & CD)
The CD. Contains 15 fine pieces. Five from the interesting and postmodern Peter Hatch, including a post Oswaldian work for 8 string players that 'quotes, misquotes and alludes to' various parts of Vivaldi's 4 seasons and 3 pieces for harpsichord based on 'C20 popular or dance music' including rap and the strange but rather wonderful 'With a Hey Ho, Jimi's Joe' which mixes Hendrix and Elizabethan keyboard music. Then 3 pieces by Viv Corringham from her fascinating soundscape-with-vocalising series recorded respectively in the great turbine hall of Tate Modern, The Kenwood bath house and St. Pancreas Station. James Tenny follows with 5 of Cage's Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano, extremely nicely handled. And finally 2 Electroacoustic pieces by Marcelle Deschenes, full of elemental rumblings and implied narrative. A fine collection altogether.The Magazine. Apart from the usual record and concert reviews there are comprehensive articles related to the CD - about the work of Marcelle Deschenes and Peter Hatch (the continuous now), an article on her binaural interactive strolls by Viv Corringham and a very detailed and thorough interview on the preparations and rhythmic structures of Cage's Interludes and Sonatas with James Tenney. A great Issue. L

Code: MW86
Price: £18.00