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Home » Classic in Field » JENKINS, ALAN : CULPHO DOG GYMKHANA No.1

The man behind the Kettering Vampires, the Thurston Lava Tube, Experimental Surf Music and any number of other fictional interventions is one of the few proper enigmas at work in an otherwise blocked and co-opted music world endlessly repeating itself while it waits for something else to happen. Meantime Alan is busy getting on with it. On with what exactly is less easy to define, except to say that it’s unpredictable, gripping, very listenable, possibly funny – and unapologetically off on its own explorative mission. The extraordinary Philip K Dickensian sleeve-notes (in green ink, inevitably) come as close to an explanation as you can expect – and they are faux science fictional. The fact is - as with all original aesthetic inventions - this particular confection of musical styles, references, originality, cussedness and musical speculations, although unique to the trajectory of a single productive intelligence, can still happily translate into pleasure for those of us with similarly eclectic backgrounds, affinities and dispositions. If that’s you, here’s a gleam of treasure sticking out of the contemporary musical midden. Soundscape, improvisation, tape-work, surf music and Beatle-era studio manipulation are not the most obvious bedfellows, but they make perfect sense if craftily braided together by someone who’s not trying to be clever. There’s not much originality around at the moment, so grab this while you can. L

Code: CD077
Price: £14.50