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Home » Art-Historic » CAGE, JOHN: One 11 with 103 and One11 (1992)

CAGE, JOHN: One 11 with 103 and One11 (1992)
A film without a subject by John Cage, produced and directed by Henning Lohner with 103 for large orchestra (1992) the WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln (or Spoleto Festival Orchestra) (90 minutes)

Cage created this, his only feature-length film - for camera person and light - in the year he died. No people and no things and no ideas about repetition and variation, just empty space and varying intensities of light., accompanied by the orchestral work 103."Of course the film will be about the effect of light in an empty space. But no space is actually empty and the light will show what is in it. And all this space and all this light will be controlled by random operations." The DVD offers a choice of two orchestral soundtracks, plus a 43-minute documentary on the creative process and realization of the film made for television by Henning Lohner, with new narration by Joan La Barbara. Plus an interview with Van Carlson & Henning Lohner in 2006 discussing their work with Cage, the film and the technical challenges of its realisation (33 minutes).

Code: Mode174
Price: £18.00