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FIRESIGN THEATRE: Duke of Madness Motors (Book, DVD Rom).
A substantial book with a DVD ROM that includes the complete Firesign Theatre Radio Hour, Dear Friends, Let’s Eat, the original Martian Space Party and collected extras – over 80 hours of material - all spruced up and re-mastered. Plus an 8000 word historical essay on the quartet, recent interviews, a full broadcastology, original scripts, objects trouvees and anything else anyone could find to throw in. An embarrassment of riches and a no-brainer for any Firesign fans. For the rest, firesign was what we would now call an alternative comedy team who made regular radio broadcasts and several cult LPs –scripted, unscripted, found, chaotic, surreal, psychedelicised, politicised, ridiculous and interlaced with fake ads satirising real products, sound effects, electronic treatments, records, tapes, cultural plunder, media confusion and general mayhem. This is cultural history and, rationed well, offers six months of stimulating diversion. Miraculously recaptured realtime radio….tune into the past…. drop out.

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Price: £26.00