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MC MAGUIRE: Nothing left to destroy
A contemporary music CD that really escapes the academy. These are essentially radical plunderphonic assemblages, mostly many layers deep, that lay the ground for written solo parts. In the first long work The Discofication of the Mongols, which mashes Chinese themes and shredded disco hits – though rather discretely behind and inside the general chaos – a violin takes the solo part. In the second, S’Wonderful (that the Man I love Watches over me) the solo role is taken by a flute, which has to negotiate a composite of the three show themes indicated by the work’s title (but you have to listen closely to hear that) filtered through complex key/tempo arrangements and a hurricane of samples taken from movies, big bands, tap-dancing, popular singers and C19 orchestral music (mangled). The results are fascinating and impenetrable; it moves, it makes a kind of sense, it has musical qualities: co-ordination, rhythm, (intermittent) melody, at the same time it’s chaotically monolithic and mildly hysterical. Impressive work.

Code: Innova 813
Price: £14.50