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WERDER, FELIX: The Tempest
These works date from the very early 1970's and are satisfyingly old fashioned - that is to say, the electronic sonorities (VCS3 and Synthi 100) are shapely; you can hear playing rather than programming and each piece has a dramaturgy, as well as being generally interesting. Werder only began working with electronics in his fifties, bringing an already highly developed compositional sense to the new medium. He produced very few works before moving back to more conventional orchestral forces. The first piece here is for two synthesisers, electric guitar and percussion, the second is purely electronic, the third is a live performance for two synthesisers and percussion ensemble (for me the best), and the last a very recent piece for computer and samples. Largely forgotten, this is another useful recovery that fleshes out the language honed in the late '60s and early '70s, before the technology changed again and electronics became less personal. This is not great work, but it is highly atmospheric and hands-on.

Code: POGUSP21044-2
Price: £12.50