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MENTER, WILL: Song sculptures
MENTER, WILL: Song sculptures
* A fine idea. Will Menter, sound artist and inventor of many beautiful sound-sculptures, some playable, some played by the elements (air, water) has, with singer Sianed Jones, who also plays violin, double bassist Benoit Keller, and slate marimba player Pierre Corbi - composed a cycle of open songs working with these resources, and occasional saxophone, which he also plays. There are very long beautiful passages and the sounds of the sculptures are exquisite, their use effective and imaginative. In fact I like almost everything about this record, except the texts and the way the voice is used. Its not a criticism of the singer, it's just the form, and a sensitivity, very personal, to a certain way with words. But there is much I like (the track Falling Water, without voice, is a pleasure that could be extended for an entire CD). And, of course my reservations may not be yours. A difficult call, so I include it, with reservation; it's an interesting undertaking...

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Price: £12.50