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BIOTA: Half a True Day
BIOTA: Half a True Day
Six years in the making, the visual/sonic art group Biota have finally completed their Sixth CD for ReR. Unique in their history and method, Biota painstakingly construct complex, organic structures that mix extensive studio processing and musique concréte techniques with a highly eclectic orchestra of acoustic and electronic resources - from kit drums, through mediaeval winds, strings and barrel organs to early experimental electronic instruments. Their works are always performance driven and interleaved with successive stages of lamination, imbrication, and radical pre- and post-processing, Quietly ploughing their own furrow for decades, Biota resemble no one, follow no one and, if the sonic arts were like the visual arts, would by now be a national treasure.

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles)

Code: ReRB6
Price: £5.00