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FAUST: Ravivvando
FAUST: Ravivvando
Ravvivando is the new studio album by FAUST, the legendary inventors of Kraut Rock. Ravvivando is Italian for 'growing faster, giving life', and this perfectly captures the spirit of the music. Last year Faust split with former member Jean Herve Peron, who is rumoured to be returning as 'Anti Faust'. In the meantime Zappi Diermaier (drums) and Jochan Irmler (keyboards) have assembled a new team of collaborators, and produced an album that recalls the glories of their ground breaking 70's albums, Faust So Far and Faust Tapes. Intense, repetitive riffs and rhythms, some in odd time signatures, with huge swathes of added noise, offbeat guitar, and mutated electric organ; the classic Faust sound, brilliantly recorded. Interspersed are the expected crazy songs, and enough eccentricity and single-mindedness to satisfy anyone.

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles)

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Price: £5.00