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A Cordelia re-issue of one of R. Stevie Moore’s classic song-notebook-album collections. For those who don’t know, RSM is a song-writing genius, incurable maverick and a professional enigma. His music is instantly recognisable but impossible to classify - too weird for the majors, too straight for the experimental hard core (arguably the endless stream of rejections he got from major labels, about which he sings now and then, did us all a favour, since we still have the pure un-policed essence in raw, and probably optimum, form). Indeed, it’s hard to imagine these songs being different from the way they are - half way between demos and full-on productions - because each song seems to be conducting an experiment of some sort - into song-writing, production, arrangement or content: what if I do this, how would it be if I tried that ..? Then he whips it out, gets it down and moves quickly on (his output is massive) - like Hans Arp who once said, ‘my works of art are like my fingernails; they keep growing and I keep cutting them off.’ Since he’s accomplished on all the instruments, Stevie plays pretty much everything himself, and as a recording engineer, he knows how to mess with everything at every stage, so the sounds are very different from piece to piece. And he’s been working this way since the late ‘60s, releasing his own first album, on his own label, in 1976: that was Phonography, in an edition of 100, which ReR re-issued a decade ago. If you liked that, you’ll like this.

Code: Cordelia
Price: £14.50