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» NEGATIVLAND: Over the Edge Vol 9

NEGATIVLAND:  Over the Edge Vol 9
NEGATIVLAND: Over the Edge Vol 9
An offshoot from the weekly radio show presented for the last 38 years by plunderphoniasts, satirists, media critics and new technology visionaries Negativeland, who have been doing this for so long that they’ve achieved breathtaking levels of jaw-dropping genius in turning popular radio, truth-in-advertising and the American way into an hallucinogenic, non-stop traffic accident of commerce and hyper-reality. It’s funny – the way the horror channel is funny – and it’s genuinely satirical; I mean it doesn’t secretly love the thing it disembowels. Dense and excoriating. And technically sans pareil. In the world as it is today, now seems to be the perfect time to face up to Negativeland’s aesthetic and acclimatise to it, while you can. No one does this better. Not even the people who do it for real.

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Price: £14.50