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» WOODBURY, BRIAN: Antipathy & Ideology

WOODBURY, BRIAN:  Antipathy & Ideology
WOODBURY, BRIAN: Antipathy & Ideology
This is the third chapter of Brianís massively ambitious four-volume song-writing master-class, to be released in four installments over the space of a year. This issue digs into the news and - in an impressive variety of musical dialects - doesnít pussyfoot around when it comes to the current state of the world Ė or of individual psychologies. At the same time it delivers a procession of jaw-dropping musical moments as Brian skids through twisty harmonic shifts, takes compositional risks, pulls off some amazing coups of arrangement - while delivering songs and lyrics of proper substance. Great imagination coupled with a journeymanís skill and a journalistís approach to music: working fast, taking the occasional risk and not worrying too much because this isnít Madam Bovary, while turning in high quality, high detail, minutely wrought Ė and sometimes brilliant - copy. A listening pleasure, worthy of study and studded with some really great musicianship, this is also a discreet cri de cour. Anyone who cares about the art of songwriting or the state of the world - or the clockwork behind how this music stuff works - should buy this record.

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