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BROOKE, NICK: Border Towns
BROOKE, NICK: Border Towns
An unusual, fascinating and complex composition, for samples, field recordings and seven singers, based on cutups and plunderphonic stretches of Brookeís selection of musical Americana (Starspangled country ítis of thee, Cowboy music, Texecana, soul, Bobby Zimmerman, MOR hits, Copeland, Springsteen, Andersen et al). The singers mirror and cover the samples in an extraordinarily virtuosic way, overlaying lines that shift in tempo and pitch, and lock together like an erratic puzzle made of dismantled or intermingled individual songs - interspersed with field recordings and snatches of atmospheric sound. The singers use demotic, not operatic timbres. Smart. And like nothing else Iíve heard. L

Code: INNOVA826
Price: £14.50