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TUDOR, DAVID: Music for Piano (Double CD)
A valuable collection that documents an important period (1955-1963) and Tudor's shift from standard piano (albeit played inside and out and both at once) to electronically transformed sounds, though still originating with the piano. The astonishing recording here is of Cage's 'Variations II' (26.30), where Tudor for the first time - it was his decision, not suggested by Cage, or the score - wired the piano with both contact and directional microphones as well as LP cartridges, and worked with the piano guts, incipient feedback loops and noise to realise the score. Instantly recognised as a landmark at the time (1961), it remained for Cage one of his 'most significant productions'. It is a classic, and this CD is worth having for this recording alone. All the recordings on this collection were made for radio and, other than Cage, feature pieces by Morton Feldman (' Piece for Four Pianos' - Tudor, Feldman, Sherman & Hymovitz - a rare recording of Feldman at the piano), Christian Wolff (Duo for Pianists I & II - the second piano played by Cage), and Bussotti (Piano Piece for David Tudor III). Other than both versions of 'Variations' Tudor plays Cage's Music for Piano 21, 22, 26, 27, 29, 32, 35, 36 - in various different interpretations made between 1955 - and Winter Music. There is also a short extract from an interview with Tudor at the close. Double digipack. Usual RZ art quality. Booklet in German and English.

Code: EdRZ1018-19
Price: £21.75