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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » USSACHEVSKY, VLADIMIR: Film Music

Two classic works from the originator of American tape music and founder of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Centre, which he directed from 1959 to 1983. Mixing electronic and concrete techniques with occasional voices and conventional instruments, these two scores are particularly demonstrative of Ussachevsky's mature musical method. While the first score, for Sartre's 'No Exit' (1961) was used as incidental music (though here we have a coherent suite assembled from the material); the 1967 work, 45 minutes long, for 'Line of Apogee' formed the centre point of the film, which was mostly without dialogue, fast cut, dreamlike and strange. The work indeed is an aural film in itself, and a masterpiece of mixed media and emotive sonic montage. 'Line of Apogee' is a masterpiece.

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