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Home » Soundscape » VEAR, CRAIG: Esk

Rumbling, some microphone artefacts and the 1000 voices of running water retracing the Esk from itís outflow into the North sea back to its source outside Westerdale in the span of a year, from spring to winter. Water is constantly flowing, Vearís hydrophones and microphones drawing in at hazard whatever is within earshot: a universe of birds occasional mammals, wind, weather Ė and an uncanny sense of rocks, space, fields, woods and damp, articulated, airÖ some transitions could be smoother but just having this on will recalibrate your aural environment. No need actively to listen, though itís a rewarding option, enough for it to be there, with its calm purposelessness and attendant natural surprises. A subtle pleasure. Nicely packaged in folded card with a fine print photograph and sufficient text. Small edition.

Code: 3L012
Price: £14.50