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New Titles

THIS HEAT: Live 80/81

Limited numbers, now available as a single cd, shrinkwrapped.... more »

Code: This Is 6
Price: £12.50

THIS HEAT: Made Available

Now available as a single CD, shrinkwrapped. Limited quantity.... more »

Code: this is 4
Price: £12.50

SUN RA: Beyond the Purple Star Zone and Oblique Parallax

Two related classic Saturn LP reissues on a single CD, both recorded at the Detroit Jazz Centre - in 1980 and 1981 respectively. They share an excellent sound quality and great playing - there's a classic version of Rocket No.9 and plenty of otherworldly Moog and el... more »

Price: £12.50

THIS HEAT: Repeat.

Limited copies, shrinkwrapped.... more »

Price: £12.50

OSWALD, JOHN: Discosphere.

An important collection of pieces made between 1983 and 1991 (with one from 1973). Henís teeth. First come basis, Iím afraid.... more »

Price: £12.50

ARTURO RUIZ DEL POZO: Music for Native Peruvian Instruments and Magnetophonic Tape (1978)

A very unusual collection of pieces applying concrete procedures to acoustic instruments, often without affecting the natural timbres, all of which are unfamiliar. There are some great pieces here and theyíre quite unlike anything else I can think of. Worth investig... more »

Code: BR66
Price: £14.50

THE NECKS: The Necks Box

One of the greatest bands in the world, said the New York Times; A post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals, according to The Guardian; Fifty years after Kind of Blue, the new music I would find it hardest to do without... more »

Code: ReRNecksbox
Price: £55.00

FRITH, FRED/ GUY, BARRY: Backscatter Bright Blue.

Price: £14.50

FRITH, FRED/ ANKER, LOTTE: Edge of the Light.

Price: £14.50