TONE, YASUNAO: Noise Media Language (book + CD)

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Monograph on one of the central figures in early Japanese sound/art and founding member of the improvisational group Ongaku (1960) who explored conceptual art, happenings and, noise performance, and later mutated into Tokyo Fluxus. He moved to New York in 1972 and has experimented with indeterminate compositional techniques, complicated games, electronics and damaged media in art, dance (Merce Cunningham) and gallery contexts. The book, 118pp 21 cm x 25 cm seriously explores and expounds Tone's work and career through a substantial interview with Tone himself and essays by various hands including Robert Ashley, Hans Ulrich Obricht and Achim Wollsheid, that cover his early and subsequent work, aesthetic evolution, performance practice, relation to noise, sonic calligraphy and C20 avant garde art movements - liberally Illustrated with visual scores, photographs and selected documents. The CD features 7 performances - for glissando ensemble, flute and computer, electronics, 'wounded' CD remixes, small ensembles and electronics - all dating from the '80s and '90s, except 'Anagram for Strings' (1961). This will be indispensable for students of the growth of noise-experiment and fluxart from the late '50s, and is a comprehensive study of this important historical actor.