SOUND ART: Magazine and CD

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Limited Edition catalogue publication: a 25 x 13cm 80pp booklet (nicely presented with printed elastic bands to attach the CD) with articles, photographs and interviews printed to accompany 5 installations in London in the summer of 2005 . Interesting to me are the interviews with Christian Marclay, Michael Von Hausswolff, John Wynne, Michael Schumacher and the articles about spirit recordings by Thibaut de Ruyter and 'Blind Sound' by Daniela Cascella. There are other articles and an interview with Carsten Nikolai. There's also a CD containing works by Doug Henderson (my favourite), Michael Schumacher, Michael Von Hausswolff, Brandon Labelle, Farmersmanual and Keiko Uenishi. Prices higher for some territories because of weight. Sorry. [8 Europe/9 Elsewhere]