NITSCH, HERMANN: Requiem fur meine Frau Beate Musik der 56. Aktion (double CD + booklet in slipcase)

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This is the first CD documentation of an event which took place in the Chiesa di Santa Lucia in Bologna, Italy in 1977, shortly after Beate Nitsch's death. Until this time Nitsch's music had essentially been a wall of noise: musicians could play anything they liked, but as loud as possible. With the Requiem Nitsch, for the first time, started to work with longer tone clusters, especially for the wind instruments. The perfect acoustics of the church with its wonderful organ suggested a new and much richer direction in his music- to which he has since adhered. 2 CDs in a tri-folded digipack - reproducing the impossible-to-find 3LP gallery edition issued in Naples in 1977. With a 12 page folded insert with drawings and directions from the original LP boxed set. This edition also includes a 32 page (shocking, for those of a sensitive nature) full-colour photo documentation of the aktion, available for the first time. Edition of 1000 copies, only 700 available for distribution.