DUCHAMP, MARCEL: A Game of Chess

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A 50 minute video, shot in 1964 in black and white consisting of interviews with Marcel, Marcel at his first major retrospective in Pasadena talking about his work (mostly his very little known pre-Armory work, nude descending a staircase, king and queen, and the readymades). He also talks about chess, reflects on art and history, visits his old friend Edgard Varese and walks around in New York. There is more recent colour footage of the artworks edited in. The soundtrack is mostly taken from Varese. It's a vital document, but I have to say that the editing is eccentric, the hopping from one thing to another un-necessary, some of the images need labelling, and it merely skims the surface of the oeuvre However, not to complain; someone had at least the gumption to interview Marcel on camera, and it's good to see Edgard in his den. All in French with subtitles. Arty but awkward packaging. Still. It's good to see Marcel saying what he has to say - so much better than the mythmaking and neutrality of the written word - and what he has to say is well worth hearing. PAL VHS.