PATAPHYSICS: A Sonic Arts Network collation

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A highly eclectic assembly, with a 32 page 7" square illustrated book which outlines pataphysics and the relation of the pieces here to it. Works include the first recording of Alphonse Allais' 1884 anticipation of Cage's 4:33: Funeral music for a great deaf man, two college of pataphysics recordings of Jarry texts from 1946 and 1951, music by Marcel Duchamp, a short, rare extract from one of Percy Grainger's music machines from 1952, a Boris Vian song, Harpo Marx, some extraordinary phonetic palindromes by Luc Etienne, an unreleased, manipulated recording of Soft Machine's 'pataphysical alphabet', Ponukelian Melody by Gavin Bryers - an 11 minute composition for organ, bells, cello and tuba, lugubrious and, I have to say, very funny, recorded live at the Lucy Milton gallery in 1975 with Christopher Hobbs, John White and Briars himself, a lipogrammic version of part of Schubert's Ab major sonata by Christopher Hobbs, three field recordings by John Levack Drever, and half dozen other highly varied pieces to boot. A limited edition, and a one-off selection of generally excellent and historic material. Companion to Big Ears, Fitzgerald's Manifesto.