NITSCH. HERMANN: Sinfonia Punya Campanella in 4 Movementi

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The old '60s actionist troublemaker, mellowed by time it seems, triumphantly reappearing here with a (graphically) composed piece for 42 piece orchestra. Originally made for a 6-day event in 1998, this version was (very well) recorded in 2004. Though Hermann still talks in an Artaudian way about the scream, sado-masochism, warm entrails and accompanying ecstatic noise, this has more the sound of Brandt, Scelsi, Partch or Universe Symphony Ives. It is extremely coherent and highly unusual - strangely meditative and thoughtful. And it works stunningly well on a purely musical level. In fact few composers today make music so radical and interesting to my ear; partly perhaps because Nitch's approach, from the other side of the sensory divide, has given him an ear for the theatre of sound that is unhampered by conformism or rebellion or the opinion of his peers. This is a music free of the cul de sac that music has of late backed into. A breath of fresh air. In a threefold digipack with a 28pp book with scores and photographs printed on strong art board. Comes in a slipcase.