BRANT, HENRY: Vol 2 Nomads, Solar Moth, Ghost Nets

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Second volume of the Brant retrospective. Brant, a unique voice in Amercan music, has been a pioneer of spatialised music (using diverse ensembles positioned around auditoria playing simultaneous, often non synchronised, parts) for the last 60 years. Nomads is for voice, percussion, brass and wind orchestra and was recorded live in 1974, Solar Moth (1979), composed for 8 track tape, is a concerto for Violin (played by the legendary Daniel Kobialka), 4 violas, C and Bass flutes, harp, piano and marimba - all played by Brant himself - and voice (Amy Snyder, seldom sounding human). This is a remarkable work and a vanishingly rare example of direct composition for tape in the 'classical' musical world. And it's absolutely great. Ghost Nets is for double bass, two chamber orchestras and one isolated horn. Another brain scrambler. These are substantial, unusual and important works. File with Ives, Partch, Nanacarrow, Varese; radical pioneers.