GOTTSTEIN, BJORN: Musik als Ars Scientia. Die Edgar Varèse gastprofessoren des daad an der Tu

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Bilingual (English - German) documentation of the works and research highlights of the first ten "Edgard Varèse" visiting professors at TU Berlin: Travis Pope, Diemer de Vries, Gerhard Eckel, David Behrman, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Hans Tutschku, Trevor Wishart, Alberto de Campo, Daniel Teruggi and Kees Tazelaar. The book deals with the projects undertaken, each dealt with in a technical way with pictures and diagrams and mainly concerned with software design, speaker programming, interactivity, compositional methodology and occasionally aesthetics. Each has a different angle. There is an excellent CD with works by Daniel Teruggi , Hans Tutschku, Kees Tazelaar, Trevor Wishart and GM Koenig - this last particularly interesting, in that it is an orchestral score, played by an orchestra, but generated by a computer programme. It is not a crude systems piece or a random confection but has real subtlety and coherence. This is a rather specialised, but beautifully produced, hardback printed on fine paper, that flies under just about every public radar. It won't be in your local bookshop. But for those really interested in this field, a gem.