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If anyone deserves the epithet genius in this field, it would be Fischinger. Though, predictably, he never made money, he produced works of stunning brilliance and originality and invented techniques others would adopt and extend, and some even (like Disney with Fantasia) profit from. Pure abstraction, colour, the appropriate expression of musical movement and dynamic relationships were his constant subject. This first collection features works from 1931, including the luminous Muratti cigarette advertisement, Spiritual constructions, an extraordinary silhouette work of constantly mutating, fluid figures, following the travails of two figures in an uncertain landscape, Study no 7 and No. 8, Kreise and Allegretto (all abstract music settings), and one later film Motion Painting No.1 (1947), a constantly evolving single painting and overpainting. VHS PAL. With excellent notes in a 24 pp booklet in French and English.