DUFRENE, FRANCOIS: Oeuvre Désintégrale. 4LP boxset

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A key post war artist, deeply involved with the New Realism, the Lettrists, Ultra-lettrists and the still mostly neglected Sound Poets. Like his friends Hain, de la Villeigle and Mimmo Rotella he is probably most famous for his work with posters torn from walls and manipulated (he worked with the reverse sides). His work (all of the work at this time) with tape recorders, pre-recorded sounds and sound poetry is less known, and every newly released artefact is useful. This 4 LP set collects a lot of it. These are works - as he insists - made directly with the tape recorder, they are not documents of live performances. Made between 1958 and 1970 these are key works in the field from the period of greatest innovation. Essential for anyone interested in the genre, or the cultural ferment of the period. Limited art edition of 345 copies. The last few.