DUBUFFET, JEAN: Experiences Musicales Book + CD

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232pp book in French, lavishly illustrated. Born in 1901 Jean Dubuffet studied painting, gave it up to become a wine merchant. Then in 1943 he became a full time artist, working in various media, including what we would now call installations, in a style often referred to as Art Brut ( now associated with the art of children, the mentally ill, or naifs) - a term coined by Dubuffet himself, though not to describe his own work but that of outsiders who had no stake in the artworld, and who eschewed representation, working from their own individuality rather than fashion or cultural conditioning. In 1960 he began, with a tape recorder, at home, to make improvised music, with all manner of instruments (formal or conventional expertise was not an issue) with Danish painter Asger Jorn. The CD that accompanies this book collects a selection of their improvisations - on various instruments - that are abstract, sometimes rhythmical, always focused and, somehow, visual - like Pollocks or Twombleys they pullulate with a diffuse Brownian motion. They also express a kind of serenity - gentle charm - without ever being less than extremely radical, especially considering when they were made. All the pieces here are dated 1961, with one late work from 1978. The book, 16.5 x 24 cm, 232 pages is in French and lavishly illustrated with photographs, facsimile documents, drawings, paintings, sculptures, stage-sets and photographs (18 in colour), as well as articles and interviews covering all the facets of Dubuffest musical involvements and experiments, including his 'animated painting performance' Coucou Bazar (with original music by Ilhan Mimaroglu). Very nicely produced, well laid out (wide spaced text) and thorough, it also has a complete annotation of the tapes, a discography and a short biography and bibliography.

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