CONRAD, TONY with FAUST: Outside the Dream Syndicate 30th Anniversary Edition

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The classic.. A vital Minimal electric violin drone with microtonalities by La Monte Young affiliate Conrad, and scary machine beats from the Faust rhythm section (Jean-Herve Peron and Werner Diermaier) and Faust guitarist Rudolph Sosna (who plays some synthesiser here) This was undoubtedly one of the more remarkable projects to come out of Faust's famous Wumme schoolhouse (Slapp Happy's Sort Of was another). And it still holds fast as a definitive - and primal - musical statement. Added to the original (remastered) LP are other out-takes from the original sessions and another version of the ur-piece without an extra violin overdubbed later. A landmark. Nice packaging, though the text is more promotional than useful. If you already have the single CD, not a lot is added, but the quality is better. Sorry it's so expensive. But still worth it