AUDIO CULTURE: Ed. Christopher Cox and Daniel Warner

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450 packed pages of source materials covering Noise, Sound, Silence, Modes of listening, Experimental music, Improvisation, Minimalism, DJ Culture and, Electronica, featuring (amongst some 50 contributors) Attali, Russolo, Feldman, Varese, Moholy-Nagy, Cowell, Cage, Cardew, Stockhausen, Rzewski, Olivieros, Burroughs, McLuhan, Eisler, Adorno, Marclay, Brian Eno, Glenn Gould, Chris Cutler, John Oswald, John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, Derek Bailey, Tony Conrad, Michael Nyman and Susan McClary -an essential collection, very well edited.Because of weight please add £1 to UK orders, £2 to European and £4 for world. Sorry.