ARTCOUSTICS. The stories told by record covers: With CD 'Modern Shit

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Limited Edition of 300 copies, this is a 500 page 16 x 20 cm. book containing 175 pages of colour pictures of LP sleeves from the '60s, '70s and '80s that the organisers- it was published by the international centre of graphic arts in Ljubjlana as the catalogue for a major exhibition - feel somehow captured the zeitgeist. With explicatory chronological texts that philosophise, deconstruct and attempt to justify their choices. There are also interviews with local iconic cover designers, meditations on vinyl and typography, notes on installing sound, sound art and spatiality, a brief chronology of key dates, and a bibliography. Useful because being Slovenian it includes materials from the east-block that are seldom seen. And its orientation is not predominantly Anglo-American . The accompanying CD is not related, but is a CD transcription of the impossibly rare cassette release 'Modern Shit', made in the early 1980s by Amos/ L.Voag/ Xentos (fray) Bentos/&c and Lepke B (who both went on to be It's War Boys, Milk From Cheltenham, the Just Measurers, &c.) which is is a continuous mix of all sorts of materials, many swiped from hopeful pop bands who recorded by day in the duo's 8-track studio in Brixton.