DODMAN, STUART: You fill me

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Someone had to do it. Subtitled recordings of architectural acoustics, this is a series of earth hum, pulse, soft roaring sounds, white noise, subsonics, low frequency whistlings &c. which - probably - capture spaces. Unfortunately there is no documentation at all, so the result is rather like early Berhard Gunther: intriguing sound but nothing beyond the sound. A pity because the idea is interesting - and the sound too: although monotonous, it is so complex that it envelopes the ear and somehow endlessly recreates itself. Documentation, documentation, gentlemen. The current habit of not telling the poor listener anything may seem like art but I find it mildly insulting. We may be consumers, but you could still treat us as human beings. And that means communication. Maybe in this case I am too harsh, here, I suspect the idea was to leave the enigma, the mystery, to do the work. And maybe that's OK. But I still think this was an opportunity missed - or a subtitle misapplied. The main title takes on an interesting meaning in the light of the 'nothing' that is happening sonically. To me, this is a very interesting CD (and only a CD could deliver these sounds); shame about the missing information.