THE AGENTS OF IMPURITY: A Sonic Arts Network collation

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Companion to Pataphysics and Fitzgerald, this is a CD in a 28pp 7" square book, compiled by the founding director of the legendary Ubuweb, who says in his introduction that: 'This compilation is a celebration of Impurity and guilty pleasures, as viewed through the lens of the historic avant garde'. The CD contains disparate extreme and cutup pieces, about 2/5 of which I think are startling, noteworthy or breathtakingly eccentric (and have strange, often outsider-art histories: Artuad, Williams, Language removal services, Nakano, and especially the glorious Dokaka and Landers) and all of which feature text and/or the human voice. The booklet includes writing experiments, poetry and drawings. Well worth the candle. While stocks last.