LUSSIER, RENE: Le Tresor de la Langue 3CD set

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First - the original release, a work of luminous excellence and one of the truly great records of the last 40 years in which Rene instrumentally shadows and orchestrates all manner of speech - quotidian, documentary, banal, significant, political - in the most breathtaking manner, hopping genres or escaping them altogether, and using considerably extended musical resources, though much of the vocabulary is unashamedly rock inflected. It's a record no collection should be without. Then there is an hour and three-quarters of extra, closely related and stunningly good material consisting of a film short soundtrack, La Mort de Concorde, and over 90 minutes culled from concert performances of the groups assembled to perform Tresor material. But these are not, for the most part, live versions of the recorded pieces, but new pieces, of great variety and featuring some extraordinary playing. You can consider CD3 as a new, brilliant entirely self-sufficient work, scarily brilliant. Musicians include Rene himself, Bob Ostertag, Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay, Alain Trudel, Jean Francois Martel, Tom Walsh, Fred Frith and Richard Desjardins. This is really as good as it gets. A great release.