CARY, TRISTRAM: Soundings (dbl CD)

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An important release by one of the pioneers of electronic music, much referenced but seldom heard. Born In the UK, he started to experiment independently with electronics in the late '40s, founding the electronic music studio at the Royal College of Music in 1967. He was also a founder Director of EMS and co-designer of the legendary VCS3 Synthesiser. In 1979, he emigrated to Australia, taking his studio with him. CD one contains pieces for Tape made between 1955 and 1978 covers a lot of ground, including two concert pieces (made for the first ever major public concert of British Electronic Music in 1968) and 3 radio pieces: a very early work (1955) for the BBC play 'The Japanese Fishermen' (about America's Pacific bomb tests here reconstructed from acetates, and the 1978 'Steam Music' which follows in the great concrete tradition of deriving pieces from recordings of trains. CD 2 features computer and synclavier compositions made between1979 and 1996, and finishes with Cary's tribute to Conlon Nancarrow.