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Privately issued by Siemens Kultur Programm in Germany in 1998 and never made available to the public, this collection of historical electronic music includes John Cage's "Imaginary Landscape No.3" (1942) for 6 percussionists and electronic sounds (the Kolner Ensemble fur Neue Musik under the direction of Mauricio Kagel); Kagel's own "Antithese" (1962); John Cage and David Tudor's "Klangexperimente" (1963); Henri Pousseur's "Ziele und Aussichten der elektronische Musik"; Dieter Schnebel's "ki-no - Nachtmusik fur Projektoren und Horer" (1963/67); Josef Anton Riedl's "Komposition Nr.3" (1965/67) for electronic and concrete sounds (with the voice of François Bayle), "Un chien andalou" (1959/75) electroacoustic music; "Folge von 4 Studien Nr. 59, 61, 62/I, 62/II"; "Komposition Nr.2" (1963/65) music of the VariaVision, "Unendliche Fahrt", "Sendezeichen" (1962), "Titelmusik" (1962) and "Leonce und Lena" (1963) for voice and electronically modified voice and instrumental sounds plus Ferdinand Kriwet's "JAJA - Hoertext 2" (1965) two excerpts for voice and electronically modified voices; Paul Portner's "Schallspielstudie 2"; Herbert Brun "Klange unterwegs" (1961); (1965) four excerpts for voice and electronically modified voices and Josef Anton Ried and Milko Kelemen "Judith" (1966) electronically modified orchestra sounds and electronic sounds. 20pp booklet with historical photos of the electronic music studio and essays in German.