POUSSEUR, HENRI: Musique Mixte 1966-1970

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This is from one of the pioneers of electronic music in the days when they took no prisoners. This is not, however, simply electronic music. Two complete works are featured: 1) 'Crosses of Crossed Colours' (1970) for (up to) five pianos (here there are three), speaking voice, two turntables, two tape machines and two radios. The text is a cut-up of a speech by Indian Chief Seattle (1855), with extracts from newspaper articles and bits of spiritual; 2) 'Jeu de Miroirs de Votre Faust' (1966) for 5 actors, four singers, twelve instrumentalists, multi-channel tapes and the audience. It works in layers and is full of musical cut ups, quotations and genre clashes. These are highly radical works by any standards, and important landmarks in Pousseur's highly unconventional career. Cathy Berberian appears on Miroirs, which is a truly great work.