VARIOUS ARTISTS: Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music. Vol 2 (dble CD)

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Another vital, if eccentric, collection from SR, who seem now to be the best source for much of the historic catalogue and who are slowly assembling an indispensable library. CD1 contains pieces by well known composers (Ussachevsky, Luening, Ferrari, Dockstader), by much lauded but seldom heard pioneers, such as Daphne Oram, Johanna M Beyer and Hugh Davis, as well as pieces by Morton Subotnik, Alan Splet and Kim Cascone. There's also a quintessential piece of phone-pirate Scanner. CD2, deals more with the recent years and veers off into territories I don't care for so much, but is still a useful overview (Autechre, Yoshihiro Hanno, Merira Asher, Lasse Steen, SPK &c). It also contains a short piece by Percy Grainger for 4 Theremins, a strong sample of industrial ambient Laibach, a feedback piece by David Myers and two inexplicable selections from Sun Ra and Don Van Vliet (well OK for them being there, but the choice of pieces does not bring out what is essential). Still, no complaining. Overall, it's essential listening, and though loosely documented, here the ear's the thing.