LISBOA RELOADED: Audio Visual Projections of The White City

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Here are five pieces centred around environmental recordings by five authors: Hans Ulrich Werner, Carlos Alberto Augusto, Christoph Korn, Michael Rusenberg and Carlos Zingaro. Werner's piece, with sound by Michael Rusenberg, is a video montage of street scenes, art shots and urban sounds, Augusto's an audio work (in stereo and 5.1 surround) with some additional guitar, Korn adds violin (by Carlos Zingaro) to an ambient working around a street musician, with visuals in the form of carefully crafted, related, text, Rusenberg's is a long, excellent, soundwork taken at a river jetty by a giant bridge (with added percussion orchestra, choir and occasional narration), Zingaro works with abstract facades and distressed walls, aurally and visually represented. 80+ minutes, half in a choice of 4.00, 5.00 and 5.1 audio.