KRIWET, FERDINAND: Hortexte (3 Picture LPs, Book, Box)

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This very substantial box contains six radio works on three LPs, each with an exquisite and intricate text-art design taking up an entire side (there are no labels). The designs are directly associated with the LP content and explained in the booklet. They are exquisite. The set comes in a sturdy box along with an explanatory booklet. The six horspiel are taken from a series made for the most part between 1969 and 1975 - there is one later work from 1983. All this radio is about radio. All the sounds are sourced from radio broadcasts around the world, and explore single events or topics. The first. 'Apollo Amerika', is about the1969 space mission; the second, 'Campaign', treats the 1973 US election; the third and fourth 'Radioball' and 'Ball' ( mostly in German - the rest are mainly in English) celebrate radio football (the purely visual as the purely aural); the fifth 'Voice of America' speaks for itself; and the last, 'Radio' tunes into radio in general. These are all excellent and quite unique productions and work on many levels; few other horspiel are so purely plunderphonic. These are artworks in every sense, and highly recommended. The price takes into account heavy costs of shipping.
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