PETR VÁ_A: Manifesto

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Now in his mid forties Petr Vasa, formerly of banned group Z Kopce, and later Osklid (both formerly on our Points East distribution lists) has, since 1990, been elaborating his idea of Physical poetry - its roots in Futurism, Dada and, more precisely, the recording/vocal experiments of the '60s French New Realism - in a way both original and persuasive. These are situational, abstract performances or events using vocal sounds made in unpredictable environments - a busy street, a lift, an aquarium, a sewer, a railway crossing, pub, aviary, train station; by the sea, accompanying a chair and linoleum, with coffee pot and telephone, &c. Plus a handful of unaccompanied pieces. Altogether an important - and unusually recent - addition to the catalogue of extended concrete/poetry experiments that takes in noise, music and soundscape and manages to sound both stranger and more engaging than a great deal of more complex, electronically mediated work. An exemplary record; highly recommended. The CD also contains 3 strange movie documentations of Petr at work with traffic, helicopters, doors and some heavy road building equipment.